Provisional program

  1. Evolution or revolution in textile coatings and laminations, M. Van Parys - UNITEX (BE)
  2. Opportunities/ challenges for the textile coating and laminating industry (tbc), F. Quix - Fedustria (BE)
  3. Introduction to solvent-free two-component polyurethane coating of textiles, P. Rigole – Vetex (BE)
  4. Membranes for textile architecture: the present and possible futures, M. Durka - Sioen Ind. (BE)
  5. Water based Polyurethane coating raw materials for textile coating, T. Michaelis, Covestro EM/LA (DE)
  6. A novel Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) technology for hydrophobic/oleophobic durable coatings, G. Arnoult, J. Schotsaert, AGC plasma Solutions (FR - BE)
  7. Biodegradable materials and products, including textiles and/or coatings (bio-end life of textile materials), S. Deconinck – OWS (BE)
  8. Tbc, Airprotech (IT)
  9. Advancements in UV-cured textile coatings, F. Goethals – Centexbel (BE)
  10. Wear performance of functional coatings on delicate fabrics, E. Lempa - Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (DE)
  11. Polyurethane technology in low gloss coatings for technical textile and automotive soft substrates and the new trends, G. Costa, R. Caprifoglio - Lamberti Chemical Specialities (IT)
  12. Benefits of inline basis weight measurements with a single sided X-Ray technique, L. Zerle - ZAP Systemkomponenten GmbH + Co.KG (DE)
  13. Recycled Polyvinyl Butyral for textile coating applications, C. Graßmann - Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (DE)
  14. Advancements in biobased coatings, W. Uyttendaele – Centexbel (BE)
  15. Solutions for smart healthcare applications on textile, S. Gillissen - Henkel (BE)
  16. Textile coating for today, J. Hanen - A. Monforts GmbH & Co.KG (DE)
  17. Importance of European standardisation work for textile care of coated textiles, T. Leucht - Small Business Standards aisbl (BE)
  18. Textiles with conductive coatings for electromagnetic shielding, V. Rubeziené, FTMC-Textile Institute (LT)
  19. Coated textile-based sensors for inspection of composite materials, R. Schneider – ITCF (DE)
  20. Thermoplastic coating of glass fibres in the nozzle drawing process, A. Lüking - RWTH Aachen University (DE)
  21. Coated flexible multi-sensory array for wound monitoring applications on textile, W. Deferme – Univ. Hasselt (BE)
  22. Biobased piezoelectric PLA films for emerging IoT applications, B. Stubbe – Centexbel (BE)
  23. Improved productivity, enhanced quality and new smart textiles by optimized print/coating processing, K.O. Bär, Adphos Digital Printing GmbH (DE)

+ 2 additional speakers -Tba